Book Review: Bloomsbury Girls

Bloomsbury Books is an old-fashioned new and rare book store that has persisted and resisted change for a hundred years, run by men and guided by the general manager’s unbreakable fifty-one rules. But in 1950, the world is changing, especially the world of books and publishing, and at Bloomsbury Books, the girls in the shop have plans. Continue reading Book Review: Bloomsbury Girls

Interview: Lillie Lainoff – One for All

Tania de Batz is most herself with a sword in her hand. Everyone in town thinks her near-constant dizziness makes her weak, but Tania wants to be a fencer like her father – a former Musketeer and her greatest champion.

Then Papa is brutally murdered. and Tania must decide where her loyalties lie, or risk losing everything she’s ever wanted. Continue reading Interview: Lillie Lainoff – One for All