Book Review: The Last Star Standing

It takes talent to get away with murder...

~ C.G. Twiles


Piper Dunner should be America’s Sweetheart.

After winning the iconic talent show American Star, she’s living her dream with a platinum album and millions of fans. But a series of disasters sends her back to obscurity.

A decade later, she’s on the up with a new husband, house, and baby on the way. Asked to audition to be a judge on the talent show’s reboot, she even has a second chance at success.

Then the first letter arrives…


I’ve never been a fan of reality TV but understand the ups and downs of fame and how it can affect people. As for luck or coincidence, we’ve all had days when we feel that we’re cursed because things just aren’t going our way.

All together this makes for an exciting premise. The tragedies of fame, complete with rivalries, greed, love and betrayal.

Throw in some shady characters with a lot to lose or gain and C.G. Twiles is onto a winner.

Everyone in the story is suspicious, because fame is a fickle friend and everyone reluctant to trust each other… but when the conclusion is revealed, the motive isn’t quite what it seems.

Characters are well-written and relatable, developing nicely throughout the book. None is overhyped or too dramatic, and they are believable and likeable – which make for a welcome change!

This was an excellent quick read (I read it in one setting of around 2 hours) and I really enjoyed how the story was put together… although I took off half a star for guessing the perpetrator!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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