Book Review: 9.27

“This is a story of hope…”

~ 9.29, Sariah Brooklyn


From the author: “This book is unique; it is not like any other book you will have read. It is not very traditional in its content or format and is based on true life events.

“A powerful book about never giving up and not letting your past or what others say about you define your life or your future! It will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings. You will see the life lessons learned along the way.”


This was a difficult read. It’s so personal and deep that reading it feels almost intrusive. Nothing is hidden and Sariah Brooklyn lays bare her thoughts, emotions and life to the readers.

Sariah has had a difficult life, but her story is brave and inspirational. At times brutal and appalling, it is also poignant and positive. Not only has she raised her children alone, but she has helped to improve and enhance the lives of many others, through her charity work to support the families of autistic children.

I didn’t particularly like the writing style as it didn’t read like a memoir due to the specific (and quite long) dialogue. I appreciate it’s only based on true events but it gave it a slightly unrealistic edge. Perhaps Sariah does remember all of these conversations verbatim, but I think they could be edited to be more concise, allowing the reader to focus on the real issues of each chapter.

What I did like were the life lessons. Each chapter ends with a lesson learnt and many people will be able to relate to them. We’ve all suffered varying degrees of loss, betrayal and hardship, yet unlike most of us, Sariah chooses to take something positive from each event. And this is to be admired.

I was kindly sent a free copy of this book by the author. All opinions are my own.

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