Book Review: Inspired Inner Genius

Never memorise what you can look up in a book.” 

~ Albert Einstein


Inspired Inner Genius believe that every child is born a genius. A publishing house founded with the purpose to publish children’s books that serve to inspire, educate and empower young minds across the globe from a tender age, they want to help kids meet their muse – by publishing the biographies of those who came before us.


There have been so many inspirational people throughout history. Many are studied; others are not. And yet these people shaped who we are, what we do and how we live.

This series presents some of these fantastic men and women in a bite size way for children. It’s not a new concept but there cannot be too many books that share information on these characters.

Colourful illustrations and simple text provide a background of knowledge to provoke children to ask more questions and find out more. The books also prompt children to think of careers and dreams they may not have considered.

Einstein did a lot for this world. Perhaps his contribution is difficult to explain but this book shows children that it’s OK to be different and that success is not the same for everyone.

My favourite in the series was Amelia Earhart. She was an extraordinary woman who showed that jobs and hobbies like flying were attainable to all. Her short life was inspirational and exciting and this book really brought her to life. There are plenty of facts for curious children but the pictures will appeal to younger children as well.

I did also find out a lot about the other choices. A great series for children and adults alike!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

For reviews of each book, please visit Amazon:

Albert Einstein

Alexander Hamilton

Amelia Earhart

Ava Lovelace

Kobe Bryant

Steve Jobs

I was kindly provided with copies of the books from Inspired Inner Genius. All opinions my own.

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