Book Review: Earthlings

“From the tiny ant to the human or elephant, we are all Earthlings.”

Ray Star ~ Earthlings: The Beginning


Imagine if our lives were flipped around and suddenly animals were in charge…

This is exactly what happens in Earthlings: The Beginning. But our protagonist Peridot has no idea; she has been living with her mother on an island, unaware of what the world has become, until a strange boy shows up…


The prologue of this book is… weird. It’s very surreal and – although I also hate chickens – a little confusing.

However, once the author takes us back to the start of the story, it makes more sense and is really enjoyable. At times shocking, disturbing and magical, it comes together well.

There are parts of it that might feel a little bit ‘preachy’ to an avid carnivore; it goes into a lot of detail about battery farming and animal cruelty which may make people feel uncomfortable.

While I can respect this side of the book, I was drawn to the magic that looks at nature and the strength of the elements.

Peridot is a great character. She’s stubborn, determined and loyal. Yet she’s also inexperienced and flawed; at times, her powers cause more damage than good. We learn about the world through her eyes; until she becomes aware of something, we too are blind. Her mother is intriguing; no doubt there’s a backstory but she isn’t likeable at all.

The real charms of this book are the dogs. Phoenix, Freyja and the other canines are brilliant characters who really lift the story and make it relatable. With carnivorous chickens causing chaos, the dogs show that hope remains and all is not lost.

While the book might make you reconsider your lifestyle, its cliff-hanger ending will definitely make you want to read the next instalment! 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I received a copy of the book from Love Book Tours. All opinions my own.

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