Book Launch: Fear No Evil

“The fact that this interactive courtroom event is so original – and a first, for a book – is very exciting. I can’t wait to see whether the event’s ‘jurors’ find Cross innocent or guilty!”

James Patterson ~ The Judge, The Jury and James Patterson

As you know, I love it when my two worlds – theatre and literature – collide. Add in the chance for me to participate and my excitement levels rise…

To celebrate the launch of James Patterson’s new Alex Cross book: Fear No Evil, Penguin Books put on a show. And not just any show, but an immersive courtroom drama: The Judge, The Jury and James Patterson.

Naturally, we ended up on the front row…

One plane, 6 people, 3 dead bodies. What really happened on the flight? Why can the only surviving passengers not remember anything?

It’s well done and gripping. The two barristers interrogate, flirt a little and tell us the story. The witnesses and defendants fill in the gaps. And – as the jury – we get to ask our own questions as we try to make sense of this mysterious outcome.

I had a hunch, which was proved right, but it was incredible to watch the drama unfold. My only gripe would be the hypnotism which felt a little contrived.

But with a good story, strong actions and an enthusiastic audience, this launch event was truly excellent. It really brought the Alex Cross stories to life and I can’t wait to read the next instalment.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I received press tickets and hospitality from Pretty Green Ltd and Penguin Books. All opinions my own.

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