Book Review: The Hive

Scarlett Brade ~ The Hive


Should he live or should he die? You decide.

Charlotte Goodwin looks directly at the camera and reveals a chilling truth to the thousands watching her Instagram live broadcast. She has killed her ex-boyfriend’s new partner in cold blood. But she is not finished yet. With bloodied hands she takes a calm sip of tea before continuing. Lincoln Jackson will now make his confession, then the viewers must vote to decide whether he should live or die.

The public display sends shockwaves rippling through the online community and the number of viewers skyrockets. But as Lincoln’s past is revealed, how will he be judged?

Bonded by mutual tragedy, Charlotte’s three best friends have supported each other through the soaring highs and devastating lows of their lives. Now, in Charlotte’s hour of need, her friends also face a choice, whether to help her get away with murder.


Hard pass.

The premise was excellent… the first chapter enticing – I really expected this book to be a top read for the month. Sadly, it was terrible.

Poorly written, awful characters who were self-obsessed and boring, plus a really weak story. It just wasn’t believable at all. They all deserved to die.

I’m still agog at the unnecessary adjectives and the immature writing style. The author feels the need to describe everything in minute detail – particularly to show how sophisticated and rich everyone is. Not many 20-somethings drink beautifully garnished cocktails out of crystal glasses at home whilst wearing Gucci trousers…

The idea was there but it was not well-executed at all. The ending was utterly ridiculous… and then the ending after that even worse! The girls did not come across as smart enough to orchestrate any of it, and while they were supposedly BFFs, most of the time they seemed to hate each other. They didn’t deserve their perverted happily ever after at all!

Disappointingly dire.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

I received an advance copy from NetGalley and Zaffre Books. Opinions my own.

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