Book Review: Ben and Sally: Season One

Oliver Sparshot ~ Ben and Sally


Ben has ditched his entire life to move to London, and Sally needs a roommate. A match made in heaven? Maybe not – because Ben is more interested in sleeping in other men’s beds than finding one of his own, and Sally is probably the worst housemate in the entire city!


From dirty underwear to dirty dreams, this book is pure unadulterated filth.

I loved it.

Sparshot has chosen to share the raw, uncensored life of a single gay man in London and the brutal honesty is admirable. Too many stories worry that people will turn away from the truth, when actually we need more of it.

Reading more like a sit-com than a book, it introduces us to two characters who could be our friends. Having lived with flatmates, frequented many a gay bar and lived the Stagey Soho scene I could relate to many of the experiences shared.

Most of us who have spent the time after a breakup getting to know themselves will also relate to the trials and tribulations of online dating. The self-loathing, the meaningless fucks and the feeling that you’re trying to make up for the deep sense of loss within you.

I would like to see more of Sally as she was playing second fiddle (oo-err) to Ben, which is a shame, but overall this story has potential and if you like to read about filthy (literally in some cases) fucking, then I urge you to read this book.

It’s pant-wettingly funny… but not in the way you might think!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Thanks to the author and Insta Book Tours for my ebook. Opinions my own.

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