Book Review: The Girls who Disappeared

Three missing girls. A twenty year mystery. A woman on the verge of discovering the truth…

Claire Douglas ~ The Girls who Disappeared


In a rural Wiltshire town lies The Devil’s Corridor. A road which has witnessed eerie happenings from unexplained deaths to the sounds of a child crying at night.

But nothing more puzzling than the Olivia Rutherford case. Four girls drove home but after their car crashed only Olivia was found.

Twenty years later, journalist Jenna Halliday is covering the case. But the locals aren’t happy with this stranger’s arrival. Least of all Olivia.

Jenna soon starts receiving threatening notes and it is clear someone wants her out of this town before she suffers a dark fate . . .


I could not put this down!

Not knowing what to expect, I was immediately drawn in to this strange tragedy in a small town. I devoured it in just a few hours, eager to know what had happened.

Douglas writes well, enveloping readers in her words as we fight to solve the mystery before we are told. I failed miserably. When the first secrets were revealed I thought I knew where it was going, but again I was wrong.

With several timelines showing us the past and present, we know the stories will merge at some point… but how, and why? I did work out who the connection was, but not what happened back then or now.

The pace is good, making sure readers have ample time to get their heads around all characters and locations. This also reflects the small town vibe where things are a little slower than in the big cities. There’s a good dynamic between the journalist, detective and the townsfolk, but we also get to see characters’ relationships develop which adds another layer.

The superstitious elements also provide another dimension, as they raise suspicion and increase fear amongst those left behind in a place that already has an eerie atmosphere. Small town gossip, secrets and love all come together to provide an excellent story.

The Girls Who Disappeared kept me guessing until the final few pages and I loved it! 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I received a copy from Michael Joseph Books. Opinions my own.

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