Book Review: I Know You

Claire McGowan ~ I Know You


When Rachel stumbles upon a body in the woods, she knows what she has to do: run. Get away. Do not be found at the scene. Last time, she didn’t know, and she ended up accused of murder. But when this victim is identified as her boyfriend’s estranged wife, Rachel realises she’s already the prime suspect.

With mounting evidence against her, Rachel’s only hope is to keep the truth about herself well hidden. Because twenty years ago she was someone else – Casey, a young nanny trying to make it as an actress in Los Angeles. When the family she worked for were brutally murdered, all the evidence pointed to her and she went to prison. Back then, she narrowly escaped the death penalty and managed to free herself on appeal. Now she’s fighting to save the life she’s spent years piecing back together.

But with her behaviour raising suspicion and the police closing in, Rachel can’t help wondering: Was her discovery in the woods really just an awful coincidence, or is someone framing her for murder? Someone who knows who she is, and wants revenge…


I know that authors want readers to guess ‘whodunnit’ but sometimes I feel they make it too easy. This one was extremely obvious to me after just a few chapters, but McGowan’s writing is enjoyable enough for this to not affect my review too much.

The concept – a death row inmate exonerated but then accused of murder yet again – was excellent. McGowan really captured the emotions of Casey / Rachel and how she was feeling throughout the ordeals.

Characters are well written and despicable – the only ones you empathise with are the three children. Casey is more likeable when you consider she was just a naïve teenager with a vivid imagination and an overbearing mother.

It’s an interesting insight into two justice systems, trial by media and the public obsession with cold cases and murderers. The harsh reality of prison and death row contrasts sharply with Joe Public sat on their sofa absorbing horrific murder stories. Morbid fascination is rife!

Overall, it’s a good story and I read it in just two hours. Perhaps I too am guilty of a bizarre interest in murder, as I read a lot of crime novels and am now able to spot the perpetrators / their motives early.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Thanks to Thomas & Mercer and NetGalley for my copy. Opinions my own.

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