Book Review: Death on the Pier


The Palace Pier Theatre. Brighton. 1933.

Renowned murder mystery playwright Bertie Carroll turns real life detective when his leading lady is shot and killed on stage, in full view of an unsuspecting audience.

Once the curtain falls and the applause subsides, the horrible truth begins to dawn on the cast of suspects backstage. Motives, secrets and old rivalries begin to come to light, setting the stage for this theatrical murder mystery.

With the help of Chief Detective Hugh Chapman, an old school friend, Bertie must put his amateur sleuthing skills to the test to unravel the ultimate whodunnit. 


Books and theatre are my two favourite things. I love it when my worlds collide and I get to read about show business – which as we all know can be murder – especially when it’s set in such a wonderfully, vibrant city like Brighton.

Death on the Pier is a delightful read. The magic and mayhem of opening night, combined with murder and mystery, all set in the glorious 1930s, which adds to the richness of the story because of the colourful glamour of the costumes.

Characters were well drawn and interesting – each of them had a strong personality and a motive, ensuring it wasn’t too easy to figure out whodunnit.

All the references to theatre were lovely touches that enhanced the plot (and led to the answer if you’re a stagey type) – it’s a fabulous debut and start to a series.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Thanks to Brabinger Press, the author and Insta Book Tours for my proof copy. Opinions my own.

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