Book Review: The Twins

Two sisters. An intense bond. A bitter rivalry.

L.V. Matthews ~ The Twins


Margo is a solitary live-in nanny for an upper-class Kensingon family. Cora is a promiscuous dancer on the cusp of a big break, living hand-to-mouth in a run-down London flat.

Different though they are, an unspeakable incident from childhood haunts them both. When the terrible secret comes to light, their fragile existences shatter, pitting them against each other in a race for survival.

But can there be a winner when a secret is so dark?


What a fabulous book.

I love a psychological mystery and this one gripped me immediately. Any story with twins appeals to me because I find them so fascinating; there is so much we don’t understand about the relationship between identical twins and what could be described as an almost sixth sense that it offers a plethora of opportunities for authors.

This book is so well-written and gripping, that although I had my suspicions about the ending, it still threw me a little because there were a few layers. I also found myself thinking about it for several days afterwards.

For me, what made this book so good were the characters who are wonderful.

Cora and Margo were both intoxicating and intriguing, with their differing lifestyles and strained twin bond. As we read more, the hints at a traumatic past become clearer and we understand more about why they are the way they are.

Aside from Margo and Cora, I also loved reading about the children, the friends and the family. These people really add to the intricacies of the plot and help to confuse readers as they try to figure out what took place all those years ago and what is going to happen if those events catch up with them.

As the twins’ lives spiral out of control and start to collide, will their bond be shattered forever or will they be reconciled and face their tragic past?

A brilliant psychological thriller that is unputdownable.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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