Book News: Please Vote for us in the UK Book Blogger Awards

The UK Book Blogger Awards have been set up to celebrate book bloggers, authors, readers and reviewers.

Following last year’s book party in London, this year’s location will be in Blackpool, and it is here that the inaugural awards will take place!

I am excited to announce that our blog (well, our Instagram) Paradise Library has been nominated for two awards!

Creative Excellence

The Creative Excellence category will celebrate a blogger who’s shown extra-special originality and skill in their posts. This award celebrates the time, effort and creativity that goes into every post. Vote now!

Book Blogger of the Year

These people have been nominated for their inspiring posts, creative content and thoughtful reviews. Someone who truly leads the way in their approach to writers and fellow readers, makes amazing and original content, and whose opinion you trust… Vote now!

Other award categories are:

Heart of Gold

These amazing people have been nominated for their kindness and positively, and have touched people’s lives and made a difference in some shape or form.

Blogger’s Author

These writers have been nominated by book influencers not just for their wonderful novels, but for their engagement with readers on social media, and showing appreciation and gratitude for the amount of time and work that goes into book blogging.

Author’s Blogger

This award will go to a blogger that has gone above and beyond to promote a book they love. The winner will be chosen by a group of acclaimed writers who know first hand the value of the book blogging community.

Thanks to everyone who nominated us for the award – we really appreciate it!

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