Book Review: Her Sweet Revenge

Secrets and lies ruin lives…

Sarah Bonner ~ Her Sweet Revenge


Two women receive the same anonymous note.
For one it’s a threat.
For the other it’s an invitation for revenge.

Helena is beautiful, successful, and living in married bliss in Exeter. But she’s hiding a secret that could tear her perfect life apart. When the notes begin to arrive, she realises someone else must know. But what might her husband and his overbearing family do if they find out the truth?

Thea is reeling from her best friend Helena’s death. But when she starts digging into the circumstances, she receives a threatening note warning her to stop. She knows her friend’s death wasn’t an accident. This was murder. And she is determined to get revenge. And everyone knows, it’s almost always the husband… 


The premise of this was excellent and I was super intrigued when I picked it up.

Unfortunately, it’s painfully predictable from the get go, which is a shame, because Sarah Bonner writes well and draws you in with their storytelling.

The first half is quite slow, as we get to know the characters, already aware of the big secret. It is creepy in places and the characters are well-rounded and interesting, but the plot leaves a lot to be desired.

About halfway through the book picks up and the pace increases. I loved the plotting and scheming elements and Thea is a great character. This almost redeemed it, but then it all descends into chaos with an ending that is farfetched and ridiculous, so it loses its credibility somewhat.

It’s worth reading, but there aren’t any surprises and it’s not Bonner’s best.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Thanks to Hodder Books for my proof copy. Opinions my own.

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