Theatre Review: Snow White

London Children’s Ballet ~ Snow White

Photo by ASH


After his wife dies, the King finds a new Queen to be stepmother to his daughter Snow White. The Queen is jealous of her stepdaughter’s beauty so orders a huntsman to take her into the forest and kill her. He cannot, so fakes her death and lets Snow White run away. She is found by a family who look after her, but the Queen learns she is alive and goes to kill her…


Having watched and loved LCB’s interpretation of Anne of Green Gables last year, I was very excited to see their take of this most beloved fairy tale of Snow White, directed and choreographed by Gavin McCaig. The result is something truly magical, full of wonder and enchantment, as this group of young, talented dancers tell the story.

The cast is large, but each dancer has plenty of stage time, and this really is an ensemble piece, with palace guests, courtiers, animals and snowflakes all sharing a part of the story. It’s well choreographed, with each dancer able to showcase their skill, and there are some nice little moments (such as with the acrobats and the Jester) shared between characters throughout, which is a testament to the cast’s strong mime skills.

Harriet Mears as the Evil Queen is fantastic, combining a talent for dance with excellent characterisation; her pet raven (Fred Sweetman) complements her nicely and these scenes are dark and mesmerising, whilst the use of snowflake dancers adds a depth to the idea that something beautiful can also be dangerous.

Photos by ASH.

The Dove (Lily Routledge) provides hope through her lightness, with a wonderful piece of dancing and storytelling. The scenes with Snow White (Scarlett Monahan) and her friends are a joy to watch, and those with the Huntsman (John Holden) are also very well choreographed, to show the various emotions the two of them experience on their journey.

Costumes and scenery are outstanding, with plenty of colourful ceremony in the palace, which contrasts well with the Queen’s darkness and the humble people of the forest. Snow White’s costumes are pure and white as her character, although her birthday dress – albeit pretty – lacks sparkle.

A fantastic production, that is beautiful, emotional and magical.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Thank you to Hickman and Associates for my tickets. Opinions my own.

More information on the production, including the Creative Team: Snow White Press Release

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