Book Review: The Vatican Secret

David Leadbeater ~ The Vatican Secret


Ex-MI5 operative Joe Mason is thrown into the hunt for the Vatican’s most treasured possession – a book of secrets, passed down from pope to pope – when it’s stolen by an ancient clandestine society. Mason and his rag-tag crew become embroiled in a global chase to find the book before the Vatican’s deepest secret can be revealed…


I love a mystery, especially if it involves history and ancient cities, so that I can learn while I sleuth. Unfortunately, The Vatican Secret did not really deliver.

‘Clues’ were disappointing and easy to work out – I didn’t even need to Google them – and each section felt very rushed. Parts of it were almost the same as Angels & Demons (there’s even a helicopter) which was a shame; had it been a different starting point or religion it might have worked better.

The book is readable, but contains nothing new or particularly clever and it feels like it’s been written for the big screen: there are lots of explosions, car chases and shootouts, but not a lot of plot or character development.

It’s about as believable as Indiana Jones; silly and unrealistic in places, but enjoyable if you like that sort of thing…

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I received an advance copy from Avon Books. Opinions my own.

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