Book Review: Space Hopper

Sometimes you need to look back,
in order to move on…

Helen Fisher ~ Space Hopper


If you could go back in time to find answers to the past, would you?

For Faye, the answer is yes. There is nothing she wouldn’t do to find out what really happened when she lost her mother as a child. She is happy with her life – she has a loving husband, two young daughters and supportive friends, even a job that she enjoys. But questions about the past keep haunting her, until one day she finally gets the chance she’s been waiting for.

But how far is she willing to go to find answers?


Time travel is a tricky subject. I adore the film About Time, but despise the theatrical sequel to a certain magical school series.

Space Hopper seems to break all of the spacetime continuum rules.

Our protagonist Faye manages to go back in time and visit her mother, a lovely discovery since she lost her mother when she was 8.

However, whilst she is in her past Faye changes a lot of things with no impact on her future self… while a few of these make sense, her meddling throws up questions as to how things happened in her more recent past which makes the story clunky.

Faye is also extremely selfish as a character and as a mother, which made me dislike her intensely. Why risk everything you have for something that may not be what you expect?

It’s a nice enough story, but feels a bit religious in its nature which lessened the overall impact.

In addition, it’s far too long and the ending is not only predictable, but underwhelming.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Thank you to Simon & Schuster for my copy and for Tandem Collective for hosting the immersive readalong.

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