Book Extract: My Dark Self


Two people sharing one body, but one is a psychopath and wants to be in full control. What will happen when she finally gets it?

My name is Josslyn and I’m a psychopath. Actually, that’s not technically true … let me explain.

My name is Alicia and I am a psychopath.

There are two people in my body, but Alicia is dangerous and I can’t control her anymore … but who (or what) is she? Also, why do I feel like I’m being watched … and why don’t cats like me?


I am not evil, nor am I a monster.

Being a psychopath does not mean you are those things. It means I am different from the average human being. I do as I please and I do not care about the consequences, as long as things go my way.

If that means that people get hurt or I must break the law, then so be it.

Thanks to Insta Book Tours for an advance eBook.

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