Book Review: Alice Éclair, Spy Extraordinaire! A Recipe for Trouble

Trust no-one.

Sarah Todd Taylor ~ Alice Éclair


Baker by day, spy by night – Alice Éclair leads an exciting double life!

A mysterious message sends Alice on a mission aboard France’s most glamorous train. She must uncover an enemy agent before they reach their final stop. But everyone on the train seems to be hiding something…

Armed with her whisk, her wits and her will to succeed, Alice has a spy to catch.


This was such an absolute delight! Baking, mild peril and puzzles – what more do you need in a book?

Alice Éclair reminded me a little bit like Harriet the Spy, but next level adventurer. Alice may be young, but she is already a talented pastry chef and puzzler. Her uncle drops in from time to time to deliver cryptic messages for her, but why is he testing her?

Finally, Alice has a proper adventure and a chance to tackle thieves, mischief makers and more. During this time, we meet some excellent characters and start to figure out exactly what’s going on. Red herrings, twists and turns keep readers’ attention throughout, with a nice amount of delectable delights as well.

Older readers may need to suspend belief at how such a young child achieves all of this, but overall this book is super readable, visual and exciting – a must for children and adults everywhere!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Thanks to Nosy Crow for my proof copy. Opinions my own.

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